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COMPLETE Rhinestone Business (10k)

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Complete Rhinestone Business

I am currently selling my COMPLETE Rhinestone Business for 10k. I am selling it because I only have enough time to concentrate on my embroidery. It comes with EVERYTHING you'll need to run right out of the gate. Full list includes:

A. Ioline Crystal Press II ($5600)
-Includes (5) different crystal stone sorting wheels. (Each wheel is for a different size stone)
-Replacement parts for Ioline Press II: (Vacuum tips (3), wiper kit)

B. Stahls' Hotronix Heat Press ($1200)
-Includes (4) sizes of platens (each platen for a different size motif)

C. PC ($750) - Requires high specs to run software without lag/performance issues
-Intel i5-2500
-Nvidia GeForce GT 430
-500GB Hard-drive
-(2) 19" monitors
-Keyboard/Mouse/Windows 7

A. Ioline Design II ($250)
-Comes pre-installed on PC
-Requires USB security dongle to run (included)

B. Crystal Studio Software ($250)
-Comes pre-installed on PC
-Requires USB security dongle to run (included)

A. Ladies Name-brand Shirts ($200)
-Assortment of different sizes/styles
-Bella (90%)
-District (5%)
-Anvil (5%)

B. Genuine Ioline Rhinestone Inventory ($5000)
-All rhinestones purchased directly from manufacturer
-Inventory value based on weight
-ALL available colors (crystal, sapphire, sun, etc)
-All sizes, includes: 06, 10, 16, 20

C. Transfer Sheets for Crystal Press
-25 sheets (Fits (16) - 3" motifs per sheet)

D. Teflon Sheet for heat press (prevents scorching/burns on shirt)
E. (2) Teflon Pillows for heat press (prevents adhesive from seeping onto shirt)

I want to sell this as a business, not just for for parts. This means I will help any prospective owner get the business up and running, and teach them how to run the machine/software/heatpress. For pictures, please use URL listed at the top of this ad.

Please email me with questions.
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Business SOLD!
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