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So, as the it says I'm a novice at best and need to set up a website for custom tee's.

let me tell you what I have found so far and why it didn't work for me.

So played with all the big named Drag and Drop sites, Wix, Weebly and so on..

And none of them meet, what I thought was a rather small creteria..

1. Price.. As this really is a new business for me, I was looking at spending no more than maybe $20 a month to start.

2. If a customer wants to buy a Tshirt that already has a design on it, lets say a football mom kinda Tee.. I need them to also be able to add on extras like names and numbers... So need.. Main price and than additional options,with drop downs with something like yes please, not thank you.. it has to add the price as it goes AND give me a text box for the customer to add a name.

The only shipping cart/site I found I can do this with is Ecwid, but although fully functional its a little ugly and it still means I have to actually build a site for it to go into..

Well, those about the only things I'm struggling with to be honest.

Any suggestions???

You can check out the stuff I sell on FB if you like and you can maybe have a clearer picture..


Any help would be wonderful..

Thank you
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