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Complete Melco setup for sale

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Start your own embroidery company today. Decided to change direction, all equipment is in good operating condition.

Complete Melco setup for sale.
Package consists of:
(1) Melco emc6mt 4 head 6 needle machine
(2) Melco emc6mtl single head 6 needle machines on rolling cabinets
Eds 3 digitizing and operating software (computer set up and running with dongle)
Complete set of manuals
(7) Cap drivers
(12) Cap frames
(3) Cap hooping devices
(5) 8x13 single height hoops
(8) 11x16 single height hoops
(9) 13x16 double height hoops
(4) 11x16 double height hoops
(1) 8x13 double height hoop
(1) 11x16 double height hoop
(2) 5” circle hoops
(2) 6” circle hoops
(1) 2.5” spring loaded hoop
(2) Homemade hooping devices
All necessary cables
Located Just outside of Chicago

Asking Price: $7950
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I see alot of people looking to expand in embroidery, this is a great way to do so. I am holding off on ebay right now because of the hassle, but not for very long. Make me an offer before this stuff is gone.
I have had a few people contact me regarding splitting up the package. At this time I do not want to split anything up. Make me a good cash offer for the package, and you could probably sell what you dont want and keep what you do for almost nothing.
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