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Hi guys,

I am new to this forum and would welcome advice from the vast experience you guys seem to have.

Due to recent unemployment, I am currently in the process of setting up a gift company, which will sell, amoungst other things, personalised t-shirts, towels, baby gro's etc.

To say I am a novice at the printing game is a complete understatement, and I would really appreciate a "basic 101" post on the types of printing machines out there and what I will need to print one item (from scratch).

To be more sepcific, at present I am only going to be :
- printing names (or some funny lines)
- these names will be in one/ two colours,
- the t-shirts/ baby gro's will be white, or pale
- they will be predominantly cotton.

If I were to embroider the towels with a name is there a helpful resource out there for this?

At present I am purely information gathering and costing this project, with a hope of starting my own business.... fingers crossed it works out.


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Hi Michelle,
Sorry about the unemployment situation, but good for you to work at turning it around. :)
I definitely recommend that you check out Ryonet (silkscreeningsupplies.com), their site as well as calling them and picking their brain. They are very knowledgable and truly helpful.
I would say that you could get by with a simple press, without micro-registration.
They have starter presses there that are tabletop and one color on up.
Check out their Silver Presses too.
I also say you can't go wrong with getting their screenprinting 101 DVD. Excellent.

I see that you mention doing baby/child clothing, so you MUST get the free small producer registration (CPSIA) consumer protection.
You must use only certified non phalate inks and put a tag with assorted info on each item.
Like I said, it doesn't cost, but be sure to register to cover your backside.

Congrats and go for it!
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