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Comparing Amaya, SWF and Tajima machines and suggestions?

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I'm in the market the purchase an Embroidery Machine and I'm looking at a Amaya, SWF and Tajima single head machines. Does anyone have any suggestions what I need to consider... I have a screen printing business and want to expand.
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Have you read a few of the other threads in this section about those machines?
I just did a post on that as well. I'm looking to upgrade. If location is important to you, go with the one that has a location near you.
This thread has a lot of responses and some very good info: http://www.t-shirtforums.com/embroidery/t104123.html
Somethings I'm about to write I know I know, and some things I think I know, I'll try to keep the two separate. I've worked for over 15 years with Barudan, Toyota, Melco, Tajima and SWF machines. I've operated, digitized and worked on these machines in contract shops with fairly high volume, so I have some feel for an overall view although I am by no means an expert. When these machines are "tweaked up" good they all sewed just fine. But like any complex machine with a lot of sub systems they will vibrate or slip out of adjustment. How easy the machines are to tweak back to functioning well, in addition to price, are for me are the telling considerations.

Small inefficiencies are absolute money drains, their cumulative cost if figured over full production schedule in a year are simply staggering.

The easiest machines to keep in adjustment for me are Tajimas, but I have more experience with them so I'm a little biased. A regional machine tech told me that the SWFs, being totally redesigned after a lawsuit from Tajima are actually much better machines than the Tajimas that "inspired" their design. And at a significant reduction in cost.

Tech support has traditionally been very expensive and very poor for embroidery machines. The only tech (out of over a dozen or so) that I've worked with who really new it front to back said there usually isn't a big problem, just a series of systems a little out of adjustment.

Just some starting thoughts, I wish you the best of luck. :)
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