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Comparable to Hanes Beefy T

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I have a friend I promised to make shirts for his business.. and he wants the Hanes beefy T because they do a lot of fabrication work and what not.

He doesn't want to spend more then about $200 bucks and my transfers from ace are going to run me 87.6+shipping.. so say $100.. and 18 beefy T's are going to run me 77.12+ shipping.. so, roughly $90.

I'd like to be able to get him more shirts for the $200 bucks.. Is there anything comparable to the hanes beefy T? I love the hanes 5250, but they really need something that'll last through welding and all the chemicals racecars have.

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Any 6.1 oz. shirt is equal to Beefy T. Gildan 2000, Sanmar PC61 and others. Beefy T is overhyped and over priced. God Bless.
Is this friend also hooking you up with fabrication work on your car maybe ??? I could go on but I will stop there. :D

Getting back to your question... Beefy-T's are ring spun cotton, so anything you find with those details and a 6.1 oz. you can use.

Beef-T's are over priced like someone said, And they shrink a lot. I use AAA / alstyle apparel shirts for a lot of shops.
Any 6.1 oz. shirt is equal to Beefy T.
Any ringspun 6.1oz shirt is equal to Beefy T, but most shirts in that basic range aren't ringspun.

Personally I'm not a big fan of the Beefy either (except in heather), but it has such loyal fans that I think some people must be appreciating the fact that it's ringspun; it's not just brand loyalty.
I like the Alstyle 1701 more than the Beefy-T. The Beefy-T has just been around for decades and was the first widely available ringspun shirt so it has a long standing following among tradesmen.
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