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When I go to use the comp generator it puts all the graphics behind the shirts instead of on top of.
I have been unable to figure out why it is doing this.
I have emailed Tom of AA but not sure how busy he is and if in town so if anyone can help.


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Unsure why it could be doing that. You can check your Object Manager to see what's happening and easily move your items. I always make a copy of whatever I'm going to be comp'ing, start a new document, paste, group all the items, then run the comp gen.

If you're still having issues, try modifying the Compgen code:
Go to Tools, Macro, Visual Basic Editor, go into Comp Generator, go into Forms, right click "compfrom" and do View Code.

Under Command1_Click you should see:

Change this to:

Save and hopefully you're set

Edit: If that doesn't work, it could be that when the ungrouping of the compgen items occurs, it's moving the new objects to the front. To get around that, try moving the OrigSelection.OrderToFront line underneath the Set grp1 = s1.UngroupAllEx line
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