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Community day event display question

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After reading many posts, some of the display pics are very nice and intimidating to a newbie as myself! Lol since this is our first grab at the business, my first event is going to be heat transfers onto blank tees for men women and children. Since it is sponsored by a church, I have about 8 or so designs for each group, and will stock 3 to 6 sizes in each design, however will be taking orders if someone wants a design that we no longer have in that size. My question is.... What is the best display I can go with when the church is supplying the tables, how can I make the display look appealing and inviting without getting crazy on the expenses. As I have already purchased my start up Heatpress, cutter, shirts and transfers, so I'm trying to take it easy. Seems like many will be local vendors, but just need some ideas on a budget to make the table look good. Thanks all!
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Cheap and easy. Get lattice from Home Depot and back your area with it, hand samples and signage on it. You can do your own signs since you have a cutter for vinyl.

Hand out quality brochure and cards is a must.

Some vegetation also helps your area look better

good luck
Totally forgot to mention the most important point, it will take place in the parking lot of the church. Not sure how I can make this look nice. :)
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