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Combining Heat Transfer & Vinyl Question

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Hello all!

I'm new to heat transfer process. I have a full color logo I would like to print on a dark gray shirt. My problem is full color includes white - logo is a bald eagle. Since I can't print white my question is has anyone combined heat transfer with vinyl to achieve this effect - coloring one area white. If you have can you post pictures showing how it came out? Also would I do the ink transfer or the vinyl first?

On a side note - Does grey come out well on an ink transfer?

If anyone has any suggestions on another way I can print this (besides using a white shirt) please let me know.

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I think what you might need is 3g opaque transfer paper. It white already. but it is different to use.I think you could figure out how to remove the white from your image so the white from the material replaces it .But i could be wrong,I have some but i havent had the chance to play with it yet.
Try full color transfers from a company like transfer express or f&m.
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