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colours, virgin printer !

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Hi all, I am hoping to start my own t shirt print business, I am only in the research phase at the moment and I am very confused.
In screen printing if I want to just print for example a logo which is one colour (orange) would I have to use 2 colours from my cmyk pallettes , so how many screens would this take, or would I just get the paint mixed first, but I think that would be hard to match the colour exactly to my software, so many questions, so little time !
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It wouldn't matter if it was in CMYK or RGB - normally you would use RGB. (CMYK is required in process printing which is something you don't need right now.) For your one colour design you are using what is called a 'single spot colour', that is a single pure colour. You would print your design out in jet black onto an acetate and then use this to expose a screen. Where the acetate is black the emulsion will wash out making a stencil.
You make your colour by taking pale yellow ink and slowly adding drops of red. (Later you can buy an ink mixing system.) Search for 'screen exposure' on YouTube and look at all the related video's. The book that most people use at the beginning is Scott Fresener - 'How to Print T shirts for Fun and Profit' but I'm not sure if it's still available. Regards, Bruce.
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cheers Bruce, that is the best and most clear explanation I have read thus far, good man..
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