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colour selection

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Design will be very nice if we will use correct color. So today I have a little tip about the color selection.

Most of those who design professional use color palette. That's why their design colors look very attractive.
What is Color Palate?
There is a color palette with a few colors. The color palettes are made in such a way that it mixes well with the other colors of each color or looks beautiful or beautiful.
Where to find the color palette?
Color Hunt - Beautiful Color Palettes
Know on this site Get a lot of color palettes. Of course, work with a color palette on a shirt.

Copy the code like Photo 2 of the picture.
Picture 3 of the photo like Illustrator paste this code and paste it, your color will come.
You can also work with the color palette screenshot with Illustrator.

After Hope, we will look at the good color in the nicely related designs.
Best wishes.
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good job!

that is actually a good site to find inspiration for design color combos

Merry Christmas
(you probably won't be having a white (snow) Christmas in Bangladesh)
Merry Christmas
(you are right, Here haven't white (snow) Christmas)
There are number of sights like that, a few couple from my book marks:

Popular Color Palettes
Browse Palettes :: COLOURlovers

There are sites that let you explore colors such as analogs, monochromatic, triads, complementary, compounds and shades, among other things:

Paletton - The Color Scheme Designer

There there are sites and tools that can make a palette from a photo, extracting the colors, here is one:
Color Palette Generator
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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