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Colors don't match!

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Pic 1 is the original artwork (excuse the pictures, I only have my phone available as a camera).

Pic 2 is when I preview it for print (obviously, what the heck is going on? they totally don't match!).

Pic 3 is the printed artwork (JPSS paper, even regular paper is the same outcome). It looks green everywhere! :confused:


Printer: Epson Artisan 1430
Paper: JPSS
Program: Illustrator/Inkscape


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I had that problem once, i downloaded the ICC Profiles for my printer.
But also how are you printing?
Do you just right click the image and choose print?
are you printing from photoshop, or some other design program. Those would also need the icc profiles loaded into your design program.
or installed into your windows directory.

I have a Epson WF-7520 I downloaded the ICC profiles from cobra Ink since they used to sell that printer.

most of the time , heck, i can right click on an image>print and the default settings work great.

But yea with yours, theres a color mismatch somewhere, my print preview shows what my design looks like, and prints what it shows.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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