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Pic 1 is the original artwork (excuse the pictures, I only have my phone available as a camera). :(

Pic 2 is when I preview it for print (obviously, what the heck is going on? they totally don't match!). :mad:

Pic 3 is the printed artwork (JPSS paper, even regular paper is the same outcome). It looks green everywhere! :confused:


Printer: Epson Artisan 1430
Paper: JPSS
Program: Illustrator/Inkscape


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With no background info, it is hard to say.

Some things that come to mind is Illustrator's color profiles are wrong, some colors are out-of-gamut (i.e. set up in rgb and converted to cmyk to print), or perhaps spot colors where used and your printer doesn't know how to translate them.

Could also be in the transparency flattener preset options. Selecting the preserve spot colors and overprints option my produce unpredictable results when the file is output from a page-layout application.

Moreover, perhaps it was set up in Photoshop with a spot flash plate and then saved as a .eps file. That spot under base would discolor the whole image if printed as a process image instead of a color separated one.

Lastly, you could try and reset Illustrator's settings to default. But all in all, it is really hard to tell.

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is the #1 pic how you want it to look when printed?

if so how was this photo taken? was it taken from your computer monitor, did you take it from a tshirt, a book?

did you do this yourself in a computer program? did you scan in the original drawing? or are you just using your camera phone pic and expecting to print from that?

all these questions need to be answered before we can accurately answer your question.

do you have photoshop? because if the original is #1 then it looks like #2 in illy something happened while either scanning the image in or just placing your camera phone pic into illy. you could prob readjust in photoshop back to truer colors.

have you ever calibrated your monitor to your printer? is this the first time something like this has happened? if you've done these same steps before and NOW for some reason everything is off you have to ask yourself what have you down in between jobs that could have affected the process.........troubleshoot.

is it illy or inkscape that you are using?
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