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ColorPrint PU by Siser

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So I've search this forum about this particular HTV and found a lot of great info regarding it, however no one seems to address how long the ink holds up on the HTV.

We do quite a bit of silk screening but as of late with people wanting such detailed images this printable HTV seems to be a better solution for low qty high color orders.

Does anyone know how long before it starts to fade?
perhaps how many washings?

Should I tell my customers, the print will last a year or 5 years?
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Hello Dwayne.
The reason you haven't gotten an answer is because you're not asking the right question. The durability of the image is only partly a function of the film. It depends more on the ink. ColorPRINT PU is designed for solvent and eco-solvent printers like those from MUTOH, Roland, and Mimaki. Used with an OEM solvent based ink, the image should last as long as the shirt. If for whatever reason, you tried to print it using an aqueous (dye or pigment) ink, it probably wouldn't even dry on the film. If it did,it would wash off promptly because the film isn't top-coated.
And there have been cases I'm aware of where a third party ink is used on these kinds of films and it washes off prematurely.
So, if you use a solvent based inkjet printer with OEM ink, you can assure your customer that, with proper care, the image should last for years. Otherwise...your mileage may vary. :)
Sorry, I forgot to say we are printing them on a mutoh vj1324 with eco-solvent inks.
and they are oem inks not third party.

Thank you so much for your response, we have been asking people about this product for awhile and the best answer I can usually get is the adhesive will outlast the shirt, and to me that should be a given, if its pressed correctly the adhesive should last just as long as other HTV films.

I was just worried that even though we printed with eco-solvent inks the image might start to fade quickly.
NO worries Dwayne. Your prints should last a long time with that ink & printer combination. Just advise your customers not to bleach the garment. We always suggest they wash them inside out in cold water.
Just a quick FYI on the ColorPrint PU. I love the feel of the ColorPrint PU Matte, but it SUCKS removing it from the liner to the TTY transfer tape. I ruin about 10-15% of the product just trying to get it to come off the backing onto the transfer tape). I'm using a brand new 45 degree blade on the lowest cut pressure setting on my Roland printer and still have challenges getting the lettering or graphic to come off the backing. I end up so frustrated by the end of a run that I want to scream (mostly at Siser NA) but I feel like I have to use it because all of the other materials I've tried feel heavy and "plastic-ee" on the shirts.

I'd love some additional feedback on this topic but I don't visit the forum much and I'm not sure where to post my challenge.
we've been using the evolution mask and it seems to work pretty well although we've noticed the same issue it is difficult to get off the backing.
Just to clarify are you having problems weeding at all?
Dwayne, the Evolution Mask has been discontinued and replaced by the TTD Easy Mask, which is a universal tape for all SISER printable heat transfer film.

with some of these very thin films, it actually works better if you remove the mask very aggressively. But I don't see that recommendation on siser's product data sheet for TTD, so let me check on that. If you'd like me to email you a copy of the instructions, PM me and I'll send you the PDF.
(I don't think I'm allowed to attach it here).
Dwayne, the Evolution Mask has been discontinued and replaced by the TTD Easy Mask, which is a universal tape for all SISER printable heat transfer film.

with some of these very thin films, it actually works better if you remove the mask very aggressively. But I don't see that recommendation on siser's product data sheet for TTD, so let me check on that. If you'd like me to email you a copy of the instructions, PM me and I'll send you the PDF.
(I don't think I'm allowed to attach it here).
I have tried the quick removal method, as well (like ripping a bandaid off the skin, lol!) and have had some success, but not what I'd like to see. I've also noticed that darker prints don't stick to the transfer tape as well as the lighter prints. Cut config is also a huge factor in "transferability" so I try to use as light of a cut config as possible so as not to embed the PU into the backing, which also makes it difficult to remove. Thanks for the offer to e-mail the pdf. I have something from the Siser website, but if you can send me what you have, that would be great - [email protected].
Check your inbox. :)
No trouble with weeding at all, even when I had the cut config set too high, it weeded well. The problem with having too much down force is the PU material gets embedded in the liner and that hinders the transferability as well. Setting the cut config to the lower setting with a new blade helped.
Here you go Dr.
Siser provided us with a link to a video that shows how to use the TTD Easy Mask properly with ColorPRINT PU.

proper cutting pressure is very important in weeding and masking. We have very little issues. Perhaps you need to try several different types of blades before settling on the right ones. When letterings you need to increase the pressure a little bit. Dont ruin you graphics. use the CLIP and TILE feature from roland versaworks to fix your graphic.
I've been using Colorprint PU flat for quite a while, I have had brilliant results. The gloss I had all sorts of trouble with. Now Siser have released a new Colorprint flat which is awful, it weeds ok but difficult to get it off the backing, the colors look faded as well compared to the old one, it has a completely flat rubbery surface compared to a slight gloss & smooth finish of the old one. The new one also attracts dirt very easily which is hard to remove.

What's going on Siser you had an almost perfect product, your new one is almost unusuable.

Anyone else here having the same problem?
Never tried flat before. But i have been having successes with PU Glossy and not looking forward to switching anytime soon.
I am having massive issues with the colour print gloss atm. With the matt the transfer peels nicely away from the application tape. However with the gloss it might start off well,then it just starts to lift the image,it goes into tiny ,or sometimes not so tiny lifts. you can see lifting away as you pull it. Or it just wants to lift the image from the get go.

It is a premium costing product here in Australia,it just does not perform that way.

Could the product be faulty?

thanks Chris
Hi Chris, what machine are you using? I use Colorprint PU gloss all the time, we used to have problems with it but Siser have brought out new versions of their products and we now have no problems. We used to have a Roland BN-20 which has very little drying capacity, it's very important to have it dry before applying the App tape. Print one day & app the tape the next day. Also pulling off the App tape very quickly can work too. The newer PU gloss isn't as glossy as it used to be & works well for us.

Happy to help if I can

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thanks so much for the tip. yep im using a bn20,wish roland told me that one before I burnt so much vinyl.

once again great tip and thanks heaps...oh one thing I did learn is that the matt can be done pretty much straight away...well sorta kinda,but the gloss definitely loves to be left overnight.

one other thing,the gloss seems to have a softer feel about it to me...anybody have a opinion on this one?
If anyone is having trouble with the transfer tape, I found a workaround.

I used to get mad because nothing sticks to the Colorprint PU. Even regular tape doesn't stick to this stuff, printed or non printed. If you leave the tape on for over a day or two, you might get lucky and the image will peal off but the best tape I have used to far is Hotfix Rhinestone Transfer Tape. This stuff grabs the PU stuff easily but the only problem I have is pealing the tape off after applying it to the shirt. I found that it's best to keep it warm when removing the tape or just be real careful I guess.

I have used dozens of brands a materials and found that Colorprint PU is the best for my Latex Printer. The prints last as long as the shirt so there is no fading from dozens of washes. I wish they would test their own tape on their products but I guess they don't want to fix it because you probably have to do more research to change the chemical composition of the material and that can cost a lot of money.

I hope that helps with anyone trying to use Colorprint PU as I think this is the best stuff out there.

BTW - I used to use Specialty Materials Colorprint and it used to work great ( The best at the time ) but now they changed the material for some reason the Original HP Latex Ink does not work anymore and the prints come out blurry.
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I agree. I spoke with a SIser representative and he suggested that I buy the TTD High Tack Mask. I did exactly that and it works amazingly. I barely have to brandish at all whereas before I was brandishing till the cows came home and still having major issues. PLUS, the high tack is reusable. You can get multiple uses from the same piece of mask. I kid you not!!!! It will change your life. The problem I just had today was that I had a bit of the colorpoint come up after I washed and dried it. THAT freaked me out as I have an entire shipment of shirts ready to send out. I did 295 degrees, medium pressure, for 15 seconds as suggested. It hot peels great and looks great and then BOOM, a single 85 degree wash cycle and a low tumble heat inside out and it unstuck in a few places. I was able to repress it and get it to behave again....but does anyone think I should go up in temperature, length of pressing time, or just sort of sit and freak out a bit. ;-)
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