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ok, NeoFamily, i have a challenging question for you all that the techs at AnaJet never could answer, and i've never been able to figure this out either.

has anyone noticed "color shifts" which occur when one of the channels doesn't print in an area. my nozzle checks are perfect, and i only notice this when using a white underbase since there isn't any diffusion taking place. also, this isn't noticeable on every shade, just certain reds, blues, purples, etc. i'm currently printing a purple "splatter" that is R153 G0 B254, and in random areas it appears the magenta momentarily drops out leaving a more bluish area. this doesn't ruin the shirt, but i certainly notice it. if i print the same design without a white underbase, the diffusion occurs and i only see purple. also, from shirt to shirt, this doesn't occur at the same location nor with the same frequency which (i assume) would eliminate the encoder strip as the problem.

the reason i'm curious, is that i had this happen with my AnaJet which means that i've had this problem with 2 different RIP's. i can't post a pic yet, but i will if my description isn't good enough.

i'm printing with the Black Production environment and using the Dark background setting. the print is perfect except for the "problem" areas. it will go away if i print the CMYK pass at 1440x720, but i don't really need the extra ink. my current color shades look great printed at 720x720 (except for the purple areas).

so there you go. anyone else have this happen to them?
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