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Realizing there might not be too many of us with experience doing this but I need to ask somewhere.

I am trying to help my team setup files for production overseas. I am used to printing tshirts with flashes and inks that don't gain much. This place does sleepwear. 12 colors, reactive dye, no flashes.

I was sent a picture of their sep (LEFT ) vs my original file (RIGHT ), it looks like their dots are HUGE compared to mine. A photo of the print looked pretty good too.


Does anyone on the board have experience industrial roller or flatbed printing with reactive dye? I am wondering what resolution and output settings are commonly used for the artwork as it goes to production. We are hoping to gain some more control in process, right now all the work is left to the factories and the results are wildly inconsistent.

I could use some tips for this kind of pre-press work. Thanks everyone.
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