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Color separation in inkscape

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I had just downloaded inkscape .47 and am learning the program. I did find some tutorials on you tube that are helpful. However, I cannot find anything on color separation.

I'll be starting out with 2 and 3 colors for screen printing t-shirts and was wondering if anyone has some simple directions for how to do color separation using inkscape.

Any help is appreciated.

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Trace your bit map, click the colors selection in the bottom portion (Multiple scans; creates a group of paths) of the window that pops up. Once it is traced click object, click ungroup, then click the path tab, and break apart. Hope this helps!
Hit Ctrl-Shift-P and go to "Bitmap". Enter "300" in the "Resolution for Create Bitmap Copy" box. Close the dialog.

Select what you want to color-separate. Hit "Alt-B" (make bitmap copy).

Right-click the bitmap and select "Image Properties". Copy the URL of the bitmap (top edit box, right-click, select "Copy").

Go to you favorite color sep program. Go to the file open dialog and paste the url in the filename field. Click OK. Sep your art (read the manual), print you films.

This works with any art, including photographic content.

You can get free trials for most sepping programs.

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Colour Separation is fairly new in Inkscape.
You need a postscript printer (or pdf printer) installed on your system.
The separations option should be available in the print dialogue box.
You might need to install Ghostscript ps interpreter.
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