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I am using Conde systems 11 oz mugs and S $ K transfers - Im getting a little bleed on the red. not all over just a few spots. any suggestions? time 2:64 seconds @ 390 degrees
I'm not sure if what you are mentioning as "bleed" as really being what I would call excessive migration. What happens is that the printing area will start to blur out a little then expand out into just outside the desired print area.

If you using a mug press it could be that you are actually transferring a little too long. Some mugs on some presses have this tendency especially of you don't have all the settings dialed in.

This really means that the mug is heated too unevenly and the dye will migrate toward the warmer areas. An evenly heated mug won't really do this. But the mug itself and the mug press have a lot to do with it. Wraps and in an oven are better in this respect, the mug has more even heat.

Sometimes you may need to dunk the mug right away into a warm bucket of water to "check" the migration.
Do this if it truly is migration and nothing else works as far as setting temp and dwell time on the press.

If you post a photo I can tell.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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