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Color Profiles for Flexi 8 Mutoh Outdoor Falcon Jr

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I recently purchased a used group of equipment.

The software is Flexi 8.1 and the printer is Mutoh Falcon Jr. It prints jps great, but when I import from Corel (we are primarily a screenprinting shop) the colors it prints are not correct. In AI, CDR or EPS the black either does not work at all or it is brown. Blues are purple.

jpgs are pretty decent, head checks are good. It just behaves differently for the different formats. I have tried RGB and CMYK and neither angle remedied it.

The info on Signwarehouse said use the Oracle 3651 profile and it was loaded but it does not work correctly.

Using original ink, not generic.

Suggestions? Help would be greatly appreciated. neat printer, figured out the software but colors wrong.

I think the former owner must have issues too, becasue they printed in jpg and did not contour cut from what I understand.

Seems to be a trial and error/education issue to me.
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