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color printing issues

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well first of all my pics always print way lighter than the screen shows, how can I print deep vibrant colors for the tshirts? also how do you print on a dark colored shirt? thank you!
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What are we talking about here? Sublimation? Inkjet transfers? Laser? Much more information needed.
The colors will always be more bright on your screen because it is backlit.
Having said that, you could try and use the ICC profiles for your inks Personally I find it useless on a regular monitor.
For black and dark colored fabric, use white under-base.
These apply to most print methods.
Are you talking about DTG or Screen Print I do both, I'm assuming DTG.

I have brother printers and use various techniques let me know if its DTG and I can give you some tips.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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