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Color Mix

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need help guys... i dont know how to mix these colors... that blue and yellow... thanks!

pls see attached link or image.

what inks do i need to have this kind of blue and yellow color. thanks!
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Don't know why but the link does not work. The problem in any case is that there is no way to reliably communicate how to mix any particular color.

First, the color you see on screen may not be the color I see on screen. Secondly, what ink types and brands? Each kind of ink, and brand has unique properties and pigments. What may work for one may not work for another. Thirdly, by volume, weight or how would you want to know? I've seen shops with gallons and gallons of failed attempts to mix a color.

However, you may try this. Go to a local art store and buy a "color wheel". There are different kinds, you will want the ones used to mix basic colors using artist paints. Next, get a small digital kitchen scale. You can way up to about 10 lbs. and down to just a few grams. Start by weighing a small amount of the base color. Then weigh and sparingly add small amounts of the tinting colors. Once you come close enough, you will have a basic formula (by portion), you can step up.

Hope this helps.

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sorry about the broken link sir..


here it is... i dont know what kind of blue is this. just hoping that someone could have done this before... thanks!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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