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Color fade

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How can I recreate something like this in coreldraw note I don't want to recreate this logo just wondering how to create the color fade from red to black like on the words red jacket for screen printing


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Thats simple to do...

Select your text, or object you want to fade
Open Object Properties (Under Edit) ((Ore Alt + Enter))
Select the Paint Bucket (Fill) tool
You will see some options for different fills, solid, vector, bitmap, and fountain
Select Fountain
There you can select all sorts of things and have fun with, as well as set your colors and where you want the color to be on the text.

You can also make a customized color fill, where you have lots of different colors in the object
I can do that part the issue is how do I get it ready to screen print
Same way you would prepare your films with any other job.

The way I do it would be to make both of your colors in your fade PMS colors. Then any other colors that match your fade colors make them the same PMS colors that you have in your fade.

Place your reg marks and make them the "Registration" color. And when you go to do your separations, Corel will automatically separate the 2 PMS colors with the fades and your registration marks all in one. If that dosnt make sense, i can try to better explain it. I dont know how you normally do your films in corel but thats the way I would do it. Just like if you were doing a CMYK print.

Let me know
So it dont have to be converted to halftones ?
When I print them they dont print out halftones ?
Can you screen shot what you are looking at?

It wont look halftoned in your print preview.. but if you have a RIP it will be.. if you dont have a RIP, there are ways around that, and one of the guys here will be able to help you. @sben763 knows a lot about it all and how to do it well.
I gotcha I dont have a RIP program I have simple seps
you should be able to print it like you would print any other halftone job using simple steps
Thats just it this is my first halftone job
what version of simple seps do you have??? if it is the latest version this should show you how to do it..

I didn't watch video but simple seps will produce halftones. I'll watch video if you can't figure it out PM me and I can help you.
Thanks so much ill see if i cant figure it out
No problem and I'm willing to help also if you need it...

Basically it's the second tab in simple seps that does your separations... as long as your design is made up of pantones you should be fine... that is what he is doing in the beginning of the video btw... he is changing everything to pantones in simple seps

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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