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color combinations

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to know if anyone knew any eye catching 2/3 colour combinations for some t shirt designs

I have compiled a list can anyone add to it
purple pink
Black white
yellow green
red blue
sky blue and yellow

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Man I would say it really depends on the artwork. Also, saying "green" to one person might be a different shade of "green" to someone else. If anything, post some color swatches instead of text:

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A good color story almost always includes contrast. I find that looking around you and at existing color stories is a good start. For example, College sports always has good 2 and 3 color stories. Big companies spend milliions on this stuff.. so watch the shoe companies and clothing designers... you will see a bunch of standards. From there go to a site like kuler and start playing around with their pallets.. then you can save them out however you like.

Hope this helps,
Rj Dollen
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