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Color change power failure

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Hi I have a swf 15 needle 2 head I bought new 8 years ago just this last year it started going to the wrong needle when doing a color change in a design. Then it stopped doing that and has worked fine for awhile now if you have a color change past needle 9 the machine loses power altogether I have to hold the green power button tell the machine loads up and then change the needle back to a needle 8 thru 1 or it won't stay on anyone have any ideas what this might be??? I can't figure it out.
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The power turning off is a puzzler. It almost sounds like a electronic problem, becaus even if you hit a safety device, the power does not turn off entirely, it just stops the action until you have resolved the safety issue.
If it's in the circuit boards, it's a tech service call for us.
I'd call the local service guy on this one, or start where you got the machine. Might find some help on youtube or the swf faq section on their website.

Just a thought, you did pull the covers and look for a bare wire off of the various devices on the head? It could be something is rubbing when the head is in the position you descibe.
Thanks for the info I'll check for bare wires. Hope it's something like that don't have the extra money for a tech right now
It was the emergent stop button had gone out had to jump the wires with a paper clip for now just to get through these jobs
Pain in the butt tracing wires and devices.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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