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code error 6120 – 6121-6123

Hello everyone.
I'm having problems in my brother 381. It all started during a white t-shirt print, suddenly there started to appear streaks without any sense.
Everything indicates that the Yellow head has broken and produces a short that makes the print illegible.
The problem now is that the black and magenta headers get hot and give error message 6120 and 6121.

The Brother technicians do not have a solution to the problem, they offer me to change the printheads without assuring me that I will not have the same problem later.

The fear is that the black head and the magenta are also damaged and that is why they give a high temperature error message. If I have to buy the three new heads and I'm not sure that the problem may be in any of the motherboards then I do not know what to do.

Is there someone with the same problem who has solved it?


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