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Coating Screen using QX-1... 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2,...?

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Probably a very novice question, especially after reading various threads and information on websites....

Using Ulano QX-1, a brand new 110 mesh screen, a scoop coater which looks like it might be a sharp edge (sorry, got it used with my equipment)... I have tried coating the print side once, then the squeegee side once. It "looks" good (I think... new to this :)) and seems to burn ok at 3:30 seconds on my Lumitron exposure unit.

Just not 100% sure this is correct. Looking at the last test I did, I washed it out using a garden hose/nozzle on small width spray from the squeegee side. It seemed to clean out pretty good. I had some "strands" of emulsion on the print side from the washed out image area that hung on still and in some cases fell on other image areas. I turned the screen around and washed briefly off the print side and that seemed to clean those up. But some of the straight edges "may" be a little jagged or pealing slightly.

At this point, I guess it still might be a "time" issue on the exposure and will probably bump it up another 15-30 seconds.

But I just want to make sure that I am coating and washing out the best first. There are sooooo many variables and unfortunately I don't have an experienced screen printer locally to see what we are doing and advise. Thank God for t-shirtforums.com.

Any suggestions....

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I posted a question a few days ago regarding double coating and some great answers were given on several coating techniques. View the thread here...


I would coat the garment side of the screen then turn it over and coat the squeegee side of the screen using the sharp edge of the coater. After reading the above thread, I decided to use the rounded edge of the coater and coat the garment side, rotate 180 degrees and coat the garment side again. Then I flip the screen over and do the same thing on the squeegee side. I can definately tell a difference in the emulsion thickness, much better ink deposit on the shirt (especially darks). I had to adjust my exposure times, but I can live with that.

Another thing, always wash out the garment side first.

Hope this helps!
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