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I’m so I excited thought I would just share that last night I coated and exposed my own screen at home. My home made coating trough worked a treat. Screens took ages to dry left them for two hours then had to get the heater. Using two halogen light on a stand I exposed the screen, thank God for my darkroom safe light as it allowed me to position my images on the screen, exposed for 9½ mins then took it to my bathroom to washout and it was fine some of the finer images lines aren’t that’s sharp but the main image is great, I’m so happy, I got a bit of work to do but later I’m gonna mix up some inks and do some test prints. :D

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Thanks every one, yep it’s almost printing time gonna mix up some ink and test this screen out,

Well the process went like this…
  • Set you halogen lights on stand
  • Learned screen on wall
  • Turned off normal light put on safelight
  • Poured emulsion in to trough got some on my hands and newspaper
  • then remembered my glove put them on
  • then coated coating trough worked amazingly
  • did a few coats then realised it was dripping to scraped the excess emulsion off
  • then put it in wardrobe on shelf to dry
  • thing an hour would be enough time two hours later it wasn’t dry so I got out the - heater and waved it in front of it till it dried this was done in the dark
  • safe light on positioned images onto screen bit of glass on top
  • safe light off
  • Set countdown timer on phone
  • halogen light on 9½ mins
  • Then took it to my bathroom when I had already attached a garden hose
  • coved it all in waster then focused the hose in the image area

The coating trough was made from a bit of guttering and some guttering ends
It only comes in 2meter bits so I cut it down to size using a heated scalpel blade, Glued the end on then I had to cut an extra bit for the side (see pics) so the emulsion wouldn’t pour out

thanks a lot fizz for great product and all the help and info and everyone else for your support and advice

Just need to do some tidying up then I’m gonna do some test prints :D
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