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Clueless on a certain design for a Tee

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Hello everyone! I'm new on here and was looking for some help hopefully some one might be able to help me out. I'm designing Tees right now and mostly I design them as vector in illustrator which is fine, but I'm also looking for a or how to use a picture for the design, something like screen printing but even then I don't know if that's the correct to call it. I looking to take a black and white picture, add simple text and bam! I don't know the process of what this is called or how I would be able to do it? what program photoshop or illustrator? if anyone can help or point me to the right dirrection I would greatly appreciate it thanks in advance.

here's an example Link LINK
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Vector so that you can separate the colors. That could be screen printed in halftones. I'm not sure if a regular jpeg could be used or not. I've never done halftones before, but I know they can take a pic and screen print it. I do know you can screen print a full color cmyk photo but it either has to go on a white shirt or has to have a white under base to it.
The t shirt is more than likely a screen printed or DTG (direct to garment) printed shirt.

Not sure what the question is you are asking. Are you asking a how is this shirt done question? Or how can I make this shirt using vectors / illustrator question?

Short answer for the the "how is this shirt done question". The shirt example you had was probably made with photoshop or a like photoshop program. I have always used photoshop so I can't help on other graphics programs. You can use the layers in photoshop to manipulate the photo. Like how the woman is in black and white but her bathing suit is colored. She also has a glow around her which is an effect you can put onto layers in photoshop. You can also add gradients to layers like how the text is fading from an orange to green.
Once the design is done you would still need to seperate the colors into channels to allow screen printers to print the transpariences (aka film).
Or if this was DTG printed you would not have to do the seperations step.

Short answer for the "how can I make this shirt using vectors / illustrator question". You can't exactly do this in illustrator ( I mean you can but it is much harder and way more time consuming). You can take images and do a trace (which will auto vector your image) which would make more of a solid color silhouette.
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Thanks you so much for your reply. That was exactly what I was looking for, in so many words I guess was "how this shirt was made" and didn't want to do it in vector like you said it is time consuming. I'll look it to some tuts on photoshop thanks.
You simply can not tell anything from looking at the website.....

As far as art it could have been done in vector or bitmap using a wide variety of software...Once you get to a certain skill level you can do equally stunning work in PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, Illustrator, Corel, Inkscape or a host of other programs....

As far as the printing, it could be screen printed, sublimated, DTG, transfers, etc. etc.....Until you have a shirt in your hands it is really hard to tell....
understandable, What about having the same effect or type of design say in photoshop?
understandable, What about having the same effect or type of design say in photoshop?
Yes, the example you have can be made completely with photoshop. Royce mentioned Gimp, which I believe to be free and is a great photo editing program on the budget. I have never used it but I know many college kids use it in their graphics arts classes. Photoshop is the king of photo editing software and is one of the more pricey software too.
You could do a decent job using the Trace function in Illustrator by going to your 'trace option' and setting the color mode to 'color' and setting the number of colors to what suits you. I've set it at 6 colors in the attached JPG but you could probably get by with 5 or less maybe by using some black to white gradients. BTW this is a tiny web image, quality would've been a lot higher with a higher resolution image.Still not as smooth as a Photoshop job but a lot easier (IMO) for seps. (red background so the separate colors would show up better)


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My bad -I used 5 colors, the image at top left is all 5 colors together.
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