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Clothing selection/problems for sublimation

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to get into sublimation for a very specific sports market and have been testing a lot of different shirts from different manufacturers with pretty much failed results all the way around. The two manufacturers we like the best are Terramar and UltraClub but the Terramar colored shirt bleed back into the transfer paper leaving a lightened area where the paper contacted and the UltraClub shirts leave press marks (looks all shiny where the press came down on the shirt). In fact, pretty much every shirt I have tried (Champion, Off brand from Costco, Russell, etc.) has left a press mark. I am using [email protected] with very light pressure (doesn't even register on the press pressure meter). GX7000 + Sublijet.

My question is, are shirts specifically made for sublimation the only real option here? It seem like any kind of textured fabric will show press marks and basically be ruined. We are not really happy with the selection of Vapor styles but nearly every other poly shirt we have tried has ended in failure. Are you simply not supposed to sublimate to textured poly (polo type, etc.)?

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated. I have read through a lot of posts here but I just can't find a solution.

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Textured fabrics are tough. Try dropping your temperature way down...350°F. You may be able to go lower depending on your inks. We have worked with some textured fabrics and finally won the battle by using 330°F. This is just to the point where our inks sublimate.
Our experience has shown that it really comes down to shirts/fabric that were made to dye sublimate will give you the best print. We even have a fabric that is like pebbletec used in pools and yet it prints incredibly well
Thank you both for the good info. I will try again with a much lower temperature and see how that works. I have read that with lower temps you have to increase press time, did you have to do that as well?
T I have read that with lower temps you have to increase press time, did you have to do that as well?
Personally, when I drop down the temperature I do increase dwell time - otherwise the print may not come out vibrant enough.

Textured fabrics could be a pain. Some of them might "bounce" back a bit after pressing or after a wash, most of them won't.
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