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We are up and running, testing and fine tuning.
I have made it quite a journey that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Tigers were a blessing with their patience and sticking with me as I screwed up each possible step. Chaucer spent 5-6 hours Friday on the phone and skype with me to try and get us up and running. Everything was snowballing.
I had to replace ribbon cables, print head and motherboard. Whatever you do do not get ink and/or cleaner in the print head. Everything sort of explodes on you from there. After many power cleans and printhead flush, replace damper and a couple of more power cleans with a few simple cleans thrown in for measure; we were close to actually get to do bi-directional. We did it but I think we need to fine tune better on that. We did print the King of DTG and added gold foil to it came out pretty good. I forgot to cut out the foil where the "red Neo Family" was so it's gold now. I'll print again later when we are dialed in. Thank you to Sean and John of JGCCreations for your help and encouragement. Now if I can just get Charlie trained then he can take care of Neo so I don't destroy it anymore. Heehee:) - Debbie
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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