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Clogged Capping Station

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I've had some white ink issues and tracked them down to a clogged capping station - I've managed to break up the clog a little, but it's inside where I can't see it. It's just not pulling white very well.

Any ideas on breaking up the clog? I've just been using cleaning solution and it's going very very very slowly.
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If you're sure its the capping station that's clogged you can heat up some distilled water and soap so its warm / hot, pull that through the capping station manually or use the pump system if the HM1 has it. Use an Eye Dropper or syringe to keep adding fluid to pull it through while it's nice and warm.

After you run a bit of warm soapy water through you can run straight ammonia through the capping station to help clear things up.
Thank you - I will go heat up some distilled water now!
Hrm. Seems like nothing is happening - my waste tube sounds like it's sucking air.

Oh...and my waste tube is actually falling apart in my hands. (Little sections keep tearing) What's that all about? Can't afford yet another capping station, not this soon.

I really. Really. Really. Hate this printer.

Edit to add: we do have the WIMS system, and I can't get any suction to pull ink through.
I wonder if the tearing in the capping station and waste ink hose is preventing it from drawing ink through as well.

Can you take it out (the capping station assembly) and try to repair the hose?
You can buy some Tygon and silicon tubing from Ace or Home Depot, or your local hobby store.
Yeah, I think no matter what I'm going to have to remove the capping station to fix this, and replace that waste tube. Bleh.
how do you remove the capping station? HELP!
replacing the capping station is very easy..... can be done in about 15-30.

nothing like a new capping station! so easy to clean etc. there are youtube vids and check your distributor vid and support to change it
that wasn't much help mark! lol i have looked and don't see my machine and how to do it.......HELP!
here is a pdf guide, it's easy to remove and replace
UTERO..that said invalid url....nothing showed up :(
pm me your e-mail address and I'll e-mail it to you
not sure how to private message on here Utero....my business email ie xpressyourselfinc....thats is gmail. thanks
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