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Click n Ship or USPS? Help?

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Hello, I have a question about how I should ship my T-Shirts.
What I do is sell on eBay and about every other day I open PayPal,print all the packing slips from PayPal that I a need to ship, write down on a seperate piece of paper all the shirts I need, go pull/make them and then put them in shirt envelopes handwrite the address stick a return address on and take to the post office.

Here is the problem, sometimes I have an order of like 30-40 and that is a little rough to bring into the post office and hold everyone up.

Now I was thinking of Click N Ship but it seems to me like I will still be going through to see what I need to pull and now I have to weigh everyhting....is it worth it?

Any comments THANKS!
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If you use the usps shipping option within paypal, there is no need to hand write shipping labels. Paypal will print them for you.

You should have shipped enough packages to know the various weights of various orders. Weight is all you need to ship through paypal.

Or invest in a $20 scale. It will save you trips to the P.O. Just give the packages to your mailman.
Thanks Splat.
I saw the advantages of
not waiting in line
not writing out addresses
looking more professional
BUT I think my problem is when it comes to
Fulfillment. I need to have the easiest ways to pick the order...or should I say know what I need to pick/make.
When I make a click n ship it seems like a lot of back and forth on the browser too and then it may time out.
I have a chart for weight so that is not a big deal.
I use endicia for shipping via USPS and it is very easy to use with not much back and forth.

You can also find lots of suggestions here: shipping related topics at T-Shirt Forums
If you sell on ebay, you can use their direct link to making a prepaid shipping label.

Those labels provide free delivery confirmation for priority and .18 for 1st class.

I use both. The time it saves at the post office is YOUR time. It also saves in $$$ ~ postage (delivery confirmation and/or discount on clicknship).

Those add up big time. I'd explore some ways to streamline your packing process. Time is money ... !
I have to agree with everybody. When I was using ebay I bought a scale and used paypals labels. It saves you time big time. No long lines, no holding anybody else up and saves on delivery confirmation.

If you want to make the labels look a little bit better invest in some labels.
I use click-n-ship on occassion because the shipping is paid and the customer doesn't know how much has been paid. Also, if you have pick-ups there is no need to go to the post office. On our on-line sales we way the item, calculate the shipping and add a small handling fee to cover any overages. It has worked out great for us. Hope this helps.
Ok, let me re-phrase this. Does anyone use PayPal Click-n-ship?

This is what I have been doing...
Log into PayPal
Go to the purchased Item and click Details
Then Print Packing Slip.

I print all my sales for that day that way.
Then on another piece of paper write all the shirts I need to go pull (could just use the papers) but some shirts I need to make to fill the order so I go pull or make a shirt.

Then I bring all the shirts into my office and write out the envelopes using the packing slip i printed out.

The problems I am having with this is really only the envelope being handwritten which looks a little unprofessional. I really don't mind waiting at the Post Office because my local one is not that busy.

Also it seems like a pain to print a lot of labels at once because although I can print all the labels at once I don't know what sizes go with what labels so I really end up printing the packing slip anyway.

So, what is your advice, to me PayPal click in ship see,s like a pain but maybe I am not seeing the benefits or maybe I am just so used to doing it the other way.

If I need to print more than one I have to keep going back to the original scree...just seems like a lot of back and forth.

Sorry so long but wanted to be clear what I am doing.
Help? Please!
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Not sure what part you are not getting...USPS Click N Ship is what I use for mailing t shirts...almost exclusively, both the Ebay sales and from my website.

I have labels....I print the label directly from USPS...and if PayPal will print a packing slip...why can't you use that to pulll your shirts? I keep my individual orders like that in a large Zip Loc bag...I invoice them, then print the invoice...that goes into the bag...then I pull the shirts that I need...print the shirts and in the mail envelope they go. And my mailman picks them up at the door....to me, this is much easier than keeping boxes....entering both weight and package dimensions for each order...and the fees are much less to!

And whether you use "click n ship" or the usps services through PayPal...they are both "click n ship".
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If you are handling 30-40 shipments every time you go through this ritual, maybe you should consider shipping daily instead of twice a week. This will make your shipments more manageable.

Then, you have several options for printed labels and postage:

1. If you use accounting software for your business, you should be able to print shipping labels from it.

2. Use your paypal packing slip as a printed label. Fold it and stick it in a clear poly mailing envelope.

3. Use the click n ship within paypal once you have your packages prepared for mailing.
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