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cleaning screen print platen

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After doing a few runs of printing my platen has built up spray advehsive and ink that bled through. Should I be concerned with this? Should clean after every run?
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If the adhesive build up and ink are raised off the pallet, this will show in your print. Run your hand over the pallet and if it feels rough and bumpy, you should probably clean it.
Yes I am definitely getting that rough bumpy feeling. What is the best way to clean the built up adhesive?
Clean it..Then cover pallet with pallet tape, THROW AWAY the Spray adhesive use liquid adhesive on the pallet tape. Take old Tshirt spray pallet with 50/50 water/ windex and scrub after every job. You will have to replace pallet tape periodicly
Absolutely use pallet tape. Well worth the minimal expense to save you headache (and back ache!).
We've stopped using pallet tape. Used it for many years. Sometimes it would rip when applying it, other times it would wrinkle. Many times it would tear when removing it and it would require too much time to completely remove from the platen.

Also, the original reason we stopped is that we were having poor results printing halftones. Couldn't figure out what the issue was. Tape got soiled so we removed it and tried printing w/o the tape and haf=d great results. Haven't used it since.

It really is easier to clean our platens w/ mineral spirits and wipe clean.
We ave paint thinner in a spray bottle and spray while we rotate the platens. By the time the platen comes around for the second time, most all of the adhesive and ink have been softened and can be removed with a rag. Best way for us to proceed.
Thank you for that advice. I wish I would've started cleaning my platen when first started printing. Now its really tough to clean. I tried with paint thinner. Haven't tried mineral spirits yet. Not sure if I wanted to incure the cost of pallet tape anyway.
Let your solvent sit for a bit before you wipe it. Do you have screen opener? That will quickly do the trick.
Buy medium tack application tape from a sign supplier. I pay around 10 bucks for a 50 yard roll. After a run I just peel it off. Saves loads of cleaning time and mineral spirits.
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