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clc transfer not washing good

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hello everyone new to the board . thought maybe someone could help with and issue i am having.
i use joto clc transfer paper ,cannon mf624cw ,the paper prints beauitfully..looks great on a tee. but when wash the shirt the print looks desressed . call the company they said wash in water under 104decees
so i washed in cold water low heat in dryed shirt was inside out . put i put silcone paper on it for 8 secs /. the cold wash came a lot better but stil had a few spots. does anybody i need to switch printer i cann't spend a lot on the printer . was looking at the Okidata® C332dn Color Laser Printer. your thoughts and knowlegde would be great. thanks for your help steve
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try a new 50/50 t-shirt
get one sheet of clc and print a small (3.5"x3.5") colorful design in the upper left corner and give it a number (#1)
put sheet back in printer, copy/paste design (give it #2), move to upper right corner,
delete original design and adjust color/printer settings
print that design, repeat this process until your sheet is full
cut out each design, press #1 on the tee with normal time/temp
press #2 on a different spot so the heat press does not hit #1, and adjust time/temp
continue until your out of designs/room on the tee
* keep a diary of what settings each design had *

wash/dry and see what each design does,
if after the initial wash no design meets your approval,
repeat above procedure with a different paper (imageclip, or whatever else is out there)

if there is acceptable designs continue wash/dry at least 10x more,
now you have an sop for all future t-shirts
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i did multiple full print every setting i have about the same thing . what about a different printer with diferent toner because the factory that makes the paper right away said washing temp because it was a canon what printer do you use do you have good results? thanks for replying steve
no, i don't have a laser
oki's are popular in these parts

but, i would order a sample of imageclip for lights (search the laser section here for advice)
also check out koncert-t's and imageclip for darks (interesting thread here)
thanks a lot for getting back to me steve
thanks a lot for getting back to me steve

any updates steve?
i hope you have it figured out
yes sir thanks for asking . i did, the problem was the type of paper i started using a paper that replaces air waves elite plus. thats the paper i used for years and it washed great i have ****s that are 10 years old that still have the design good on them . so this replacement works great washed a design 4 times didn't phase it.
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hi guy its me again issue with not washing good . any body use these paper ? the stahls ultimate print light but it won't transfer to the shirt good. and i used the joto laser light 145 it won't wash good using oki 612 clc. thanks for your help steve
did you read up on the imageclip and get a sample yet?

yes sir i have gotten several samples from different places cann't get it to marry together right like this other guys trouble i put some on a shirt anyway and its cracks steve
thanks for the link edward
canon is listed as one of the printers that works well with imageclip

do you have a decent swing-away press, this is the right equipment (from what i have read) to properly marry the two sheets)?
if not you may have to do as Lnfortun suggests and press for half the time, spin it 180 and press for the remainder

other than that just keep searching in the laser section and hope you hit the right nail
thanks again for being so helpful if can help with anything let me know , i bought a hotronix 16x16 steve
that is a good press, but i imagine it is a clamshell

try that and the other instructions Lnfortun (and others) have on that thread
and do specific searches for 'imageclip', because i know i have seen other threads with marrying/pressing instructions

don't give up,
there is a sweet spot that will work for you

to save money, try using 1/4 sheets for your experimenting
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