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The most recent posts I'm seeing is from 2012. Has anyone used the CL Trim free transfer paper since then?

Any reviews?

Do they last through multiple washes?

I ordered a bunch of them from Pro World and printed a few. The middle of the image would transfer, but the edges wouldn't. We realized, however, that the problem was the cheapo heat press we were using and not the paper. We bought a heat gun and learned that while the temperature was accurate in the center, it was off by 90+ degrees around the edges.

The part that did print looked great.

We bit the bullet and ordered a Maxx press for $800+. I'm waiting for it to arrive and we'll see how the prints turn out with the paper.

I'm wondering how long they last through washes though. We did 1 wash on the test shirts we did and the image was fine. One wash isn't a good enough benchmark though.

Any experience with this paper?
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