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CIS Info for a Newbie

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Okay so Ive been doing some research on an epson wf1100 for printing transparencies and came across a lot of dye/pigment/cis talk. I found the CIS page on wiki so I know what it is, but my request to you guys is to provide some information as why CIS is beneficial. I have so many questions about CIS, some are:

Will it work for printing transparencies?
Is it cheaper?
Is it difficult to install?
What is the difference between CIS and the other types of ink?
Ive come across some talk with transfers, all i know about that is about plastisol transfers with a heat press. can you do that with a CIS?
What can CIS print on?
Whats the best thing to print on?

Yeah im a newbie with this so any extra info is appreciated. Im sure reading everybodys responses will just generate more questions for me. Thanks everybody in advance.
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