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CIS for Epson Pro 7600 - what type of ink I should be using if I want to print posters, banners & flyers?

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I just picked up an Epson Pro 7600 and was wondering what type of ink I should be using if I want to print posters, banners & flyers which will be used for indoors and outdoor signage?

Can I print on vinyl, poster board, or backlit film?

Also, where can I get a CIS system for this thing? I've searched and all I have found or just refillable cartridges.

What kind of stuff have you guys printed on your Epson 7600? Just curious what this thing can do.
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Hi Mike,
At my sisters shop we've got three epson 7600's. They are fabulous printers. Real workhorses. Only trouble was I got cheap and started buying off-brand inks. I've got two printers in the shop right now with clogs in the magenta line. Off brand is okay if the printer runs constantly, if not I'd stick with epson inks. The color is consistant and you'll have less clogging issues with the print head. But our printers print beautifully on canvas, illo board, matt or glossy paper...great printers.
Good luck, Sarah
For outdoor printing you need an aqueous compatible vinyl, overlaminated. Most printable materials require solvent ink printers. I currently use Sihl 3988 which is waterproof even without an overlaminate but anything outdoors I use Oraguard 210 over it. Sihl carries an entire line of aqueous printable materials, canvas, banner film, screen positive films, etc.
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