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Circle Designs For Kids Tees & Onesies

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Hi! I am looking for some designs for kids tees and onesies. They are basically a circle with different images insides such as cupcakes, monkeys or just an initial. I would like to be able to personalize them before shipping them out to a customer if they request it. You may see an example here:

BIRTHDAY DUDE Personalized Birthday Dude Shirt - The Original

I have found some great bottle cap designs that are exactly what I am looking for (if you are not familiar with bottle cap designs, they are round designs such as what you see on that web page, without the personalization but they are only 1 inch wide and I think I would need these designs to be atleast 3 or 4 inches wide).

Can anyone help me either source out this style of design or point me in the right direction...

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I think I can help
these are very simple artwork designs.. you can download inkscape for free and design them yourself.

Also check out Etsy, there are many personalization stores on there that utilized these designs.
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