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Chromoblast printing

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I have been given terribly mixed messages from various businesses who sell Seagrass Virtuoso Printers. We print on 100% cotton. I am aware that dye-sublimation is generally for polyester, EXCEPT with Chromoblast inks.
My question is this: We print on WHITE & LIGHT COLORED 100% cotton t-shirts & flat weave kitchen towels/tea towels. We are considering a Seagrass Virtuoso printer with Chromoblast inks, but we have been told the following:
1) If you print using Chromoblast inks, there will be no need to trim the prints, because when they are transferred using a heat press, the finished garment will basically appear just like a WEEDLESS TRANSFER, with only the graphic being transferred.
2) Conversely, I have been told by some businesses who sell Seagrass Virtuoso printers that Chromoblast printed paper must be trimmed around the graphic prior to heating with my heat press, because otherwise, you will just have a big square on the shirt. These people say that it is nothing like a WEEDLESS transfer.
I am asking ANYONE who has used these printers with Chromoblast inks & a heat press, PLEASE please let me know the straights of this. I am on a budget and cannot afford to make a mistake.
Thank you in advance,
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Must be trimmed for colored shirts.

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Listen to David. They sell the systems. He knows.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrAUKDniMyM Look at the 40 second mark.
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