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Chromaluxe Killer! See how my own metal performs against Chromaluxe side by side

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So entering the sublimation industry and becoming a photo lab I did not like that the unisub line was the only option on the market. What I did was reach out to local metal fabricators and after months of trial and error I have my very own sublimation aluminum blend for less than half the cost.

I made 2 ICC profiles 1 for color prints and 1 for black and white and the results in person are better than the chromaluxe prints. The metal is slightly thinner coming in at 0.034 compared to chromaluxe 0.045.

Here are 2 HD videos that I made on my maxi press

color: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2D2wDT7BiM

B/W: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmqg6CylqYc
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Brinked, glad to see someone stepping out of the Chromaluxe shadow and trying something different. The make or break is going to be the finish of your product. That's one great thing about the Chromaluxe finish, almost flawless refraction. Let's see some close ups of a light source reflection if you don't mind.
I'm not coating it. I have been working with a metal fabrication company to coat the aluminum with a polyester based coating to my spec.

This metal has a slightly softer coating than chromaluxe and so there is no chipping on the edges. I am seeing overall less flaws than I have with chromaluxe. Granted I needed to place a pretty large order to get what I want but in the long run it will be justified.

I had them apply a 2nd coating as a test and it made the coating very hard like chromaluxe in fact it becomes almost identical to chromaluxe when they do the 2 coatings.
Please e mail me your pricing. I will place an order today.
You saved me from doing it. Thanks
[email protected]
Yes, set-up the web site or at least eBay shop where people can buy it.
I would be interested. Keep us posted
I would not sell it through ebay. Getting up a website for ordering is not a problem for me. Right now I am sending free samples to interested parties who have shown genuine interest.

I do not want to start selling anything until it has been sampled by experienced people in the industry.

I had no intentions of selling this but it seems like there is a major major interest in a unisub line alternative.

Certainly if I were to start, there would be a minimum order requirement. I have a lab to run and cant worry about filling small orders of metal that will interfere with my printing business.
yeah just did. Dont know why im only allowed 5 PM's. I guess ill have to work on my reps to get more storage?
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Hate to ask, but are there patent issues you're going to go up against?
I dont think there is. I mean there are other metals on the market such as econosub, dynasub even laserreproductions has a metal for sub.

The problem is they all dont come close to the unisub line. And they dont offer any sizes larger than a 12 x 24 sheet stock. Not to mention they are very thin and are only ideal for iphone cases and smaller prints.

The coating process thats being done there migth be a patent for, but we certainly are not doing the same type of coating I wouldnt think.
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Thanks for giving me a reason to make another post though. maybe #10 will give me an increase.
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