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Hi I am new to sceenprinting and am having grief with making viable stencils. I am coating my screens with chroma line chroma blue in a. Dark room and yes using the proper applicator. Getting nice even covers and then drying the screens with my drying cabinet. I have a Printa770 4 colour set up with on board drying cabinet + exposure unit. I have tried both a one to one coat + 2 to 1 coat. after my screens are burnt and I go to develop them in my washout booth I follow chromalines instructions to a T but my emulsion ends up blowing out. By time the end of the 30 second count before I even go to spray any water on it I can see the blue coming off. I am ensuring screens are 100percent dry before coating ( drying 4+ hours in drying cabinet). Then after coating have been allowing them to dry 10+ hours in cabinet. I'm being extra cautious to not preempts. I have tried exposing for all of the suggested times on my chromalines info sheet. Asked another print shop they told me to burn longer so eliminate underexposure. i have exposed up to 8 minutes still with the same results. A lady in the industry had cam out and went through the screen printing process from start through finish with me but even her screens didn't work out. ... does chromablue have sensitivities to water type? Shop is set up out of our home on the farm. Water is good drinking water(well water filtered through sand base) but is a harder water. Just running out of ideas as to what is going wrong here... suggestions everyone please

Ps brand new jug of emulsion stored in cool, dry, place - away from any lightsource
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