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Need Help choosing the right refillable carts Epson 1400

I'm getting a set of refillable carts for my Epson 1400. I'm farily certain that I have my choice narrowed down to either the set from inkjetcarts.us with the HT pigment inks, or one of the sets from inkjetfly.com, but I would greatly appreciate some feedback from some people who have used these systems.

Ive read a good deal of positive reviews for the inkjetcarts.us setup, but a factor in it is that I like the HT inks from Inkjetfly because I used them when I had my bigfoot CIS and that ink seemed to do well. I worry because in the description of the inkjetcarts set that their ink is not an exact match to the Claria ink. Understandably so, being that its a pigment vs dye situation, but my concerns are as follows:

1) Are the colors really that off from the claria inks in that I'm going to have a major headache getting everything to match up in the first place? I did notice a color difference from claria to the inkjetfly HT ink and it was not a big deal, so is it a comparable situation?
Link to Inkjetcarts setup:
Epson SP1400 Heat Transfer Damper Cart Refillable System| SP1400| SP Models (Stylus Photo)| Epson| 1400 supplies

2)Inkjetfly has 2 different sets, a regular and a "2nd generation" set that has recessed fill holes to avoid spilling and some other touted advantages. Anyone know the differences, or if any of these features really matter? I trust them as a company from reading feedback here, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell what's just a sales pitch.
Link to Inkjetfly setups:
Inkjetfly.com - Best Selling CIS for Professional Photographers
*Note* Apprently since this morning the "1st generation" set has been taken down from their website, who knows if it will return after this post is posted.

3)What is an ICC profile? (probably a noob question, but I couldnt find an answer.)

I've never refilled carts before, and though I have watched some youtube videos on generic refillable cartridges, ease of use is very high on my list of criteria. That is actually the reason I'm switching out my CIS for carts, because the daily maintenence and color banding issues were too time consuming for me to deal with on my schedule.

Thanks ahead for any and all help, you guys are great!
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