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I have a couple of designs in A3 size with whites and colors and I'm a bit lost with what laser transfer papers to use with my Oki printer. I live in europe, so I need papers that can be shipped to my location.

I assume my best option would be to use WOW 7.1, but I can't find it anywhere in A3 size.

Looks like Image Clip Laser 1 Opaque allows colors and white, but do I have to cut it in shape?

Some of my designs have like ~20% K grey along with colors, so would these transfer well with Image Clip Laser Dark papers? And how's the Techni-Print 4.0 handling the same greys with white shirts?

With a couple of my designs I could combine Koncert T's white and Laser Darks color, but does it cause some issues if I press with Laser dark in top of Koncert T's white?

I hope someone can answer to these questions.
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