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choosing a manual printer

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I have been talking to M&R and also Vastex.
M&R have the Kruzer and Vastex has the V-1000 and the V-2000. not sure what to go with on a 4 colour 4 station .Plan on getting serious in the business, any feed back will be appreciated. or if there are ant other good quality manual printers out there.
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You are looking at three great machines. Remember, if you think down the road you would invest in an automatic, the platens on the Kruzer work on the M&R automatics as well. The Vastex V-1000 and HD2000 are excellent choices, and, if I were to choose between those two I would lean towards the HD2000 because it is made to add stations as you may want to go to six stations. When you get better at printing and get more and more business, you will realize six colors is quite valuable. Then, the Kruzer only comes standard with six colors and four platens and it would be the easiest on the wallet.
Of it was me I would go with the m&r sidewinder. 6station 6 color. I have had mine almost 12 years and it holds dead on registration. I just ordered a brand new m&r auto and it all the pallets are compatible with each other.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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