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Choice for a standard production t-shirt

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Just trying to get opinions on what you use for your standard t-shirt choice for all around DTG work. When I was printing with the Brother 541 it was the Gildan 2000 and women's and kid's variants. Printed several thousand with great results... but they were also light colors only. We will soon be getting the Epson F2000 with white ink so we will be learning all this again. I've heard a few negative remarks about the G2000 with white ink. But to be honest I have ordered a dozen or so dark shirts from various printers and 90% are this exact shirt. Dozens of washes later and I am still happy with them. I am sure most customers would be to. The difference of a $2 shirt and $5 shirt needs to be justified when considering your pricing structure. Most of my clients seem to prefer the heavy weight standard fitting t's as compared to the thinner form cut ones. Face it, not many plumbers would look good in an American Apparel Fashion T.
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