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This is China HOBY Paper Co., Ltd. we specialize in supplying CAD plotter Paper/ Pattern Paper/Perforated kraft paper/interleaving tissue paper/tissue wrapping paper/HDPE film/plotter pen, plotter ink, cutter blade, sharpening stone, bristle block used on gerber and lectra for garment industrial with 16 years’ experiences and 6 years’ gold supplier membership on Alibaba. We believe that you must be interested in our products.

Here are our product lines for your CAD/CAM system & cutting room/pattern room/sample room using.
1. CAD marker paper/plotter paper: used on your CAD/CAM system-plotter & Cutter
2. Tracing paper/pattern board paper/Cutting Paper: used on the over-layer of the Manual Cutting Table.
3. Interleaving tissue paper: used on your Cutting section for separating the fabric to avoid color aberration.
4. Perforated under-layer Kraft paper: used on Automatic Cutter Machine
5. HDPE film/Over-layer poly film: used on Automatic Cutter Machine
6. Spare Parts of CAD/CAM system: plotter pen, Ink cartridge, CAM cutter blade, plastic Bristle, Barrie strip, sharpening Stone for lectra , gerber..
7. Job-ticket paper: to record the work and separate the fabric..
8. Tailor's Chalk: 1) Oil free; 2) Vaporizable Chalk (the track will be magic disappear within 48-170 hours)

We always serve our customers by standing on their positions. It has been widely acknowledged that the prices of our products are 5-8% lower than that of the same products in the market. Any of your interest will be our interest.
For more information, you are welcome to visit:

Best Regards
Larsea Ye
China HOBY Paper (Dongguan) Co., Ltd
(Old Name: Shenzhen STARLINKS Industrial Development Co., Ltd.)
Yiheng South Road, Chiling Industrial District, Houjie Town, Dongguan, China
Tel: 0086-769-85752292
Fax: 0086-769-85590239
Mobile: 0086-13790103806
SKYPE: starlinks001 or MSN: [email protected]
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