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Cheers from Epicdelusion

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hey guys, just wanted to do a little intro.

Got into screen printing about a year ago, turned my basement in baltimore, MD into a small studio over time. Got some of my friends involved but we're all pretty much newbies. We pulled our resources together and got a small op going (Epic Delusion) creating drinking/partying type gear.

I want to get into some color theory, mixing techniques, printing more than basic two color schemes. Everything I've designed so far has been fairly amateur and I've tried to print on other mediums such as tank tops and beer *******.

I'm at a bit of a dead end because my skill level and my artistic desire aren't exactly matching up... skill level being the obvious thing I need to hone badly.

Thanks for havin' me, I look forward to learning more and eventually sharing knowledge with newbs like me.

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