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Hi all!:)

My wife and I decided to start a small apparel company for the cheer leading world called cheer love.

We will be printing a ton of shirts, hoodies, sweats and needing accessories like water bottles and bags.

I've actually screen printed at a past job with both plastisol, water based, and discharge inks. I screen printed 16,000 shirts for skull candy one summer using discharge inks because they wanted to use water based inks on a black shirt! Welcome to discharge!

I've been out of the industry since 2006 so I'm sure a lot has changed and I've forgotten a bunch of stuff too! Looking forward to learning with you as we try to figure out the best way to print our apparel to have the best quality with vibrant, long lasting prints!

Nice to meet all of you - I'm happy to be here and share this journey with all of you!

Adam and Jodi
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