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Where do I find the cheapest white short sleeve t-shirt? I see 1.49?? Have they gone up that much?
That's a loaded question. I assume you want the lowest priced t-shirt and there are few things to consider.

*quality of the shirt you are buying...there ARE some cheaply made shirts out there. I would try to get my best price on a solid brand name shirt, like Gildan, Jerzees, Fruit, or Hanes.

*quantity you plan to buy all at once...this makes a big difference to a distributor...the bigger the order, the easier it is to get a low price.

*freight on your order...most vendors that can give you a low price, get it back by charging freight, unless your buying upward of a few gross, because there is little margin in white tees.

Sometimes craft stores and big discounters have white tees at a very low price, in their arts and crafts departments.

So anyway, there is no one answer to your question. T-shirts are a commodity, and the prices change week to week, and the vendors rotate their sales.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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