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Cheapest Way To Get A New Printhead

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I think I just lost another printhead. I lost the yellow printhead in December of last year and now the blue is showing the same problems.

I bought it used and it's about 4 years old so the print heads might be due. Since I bought it used I don't have a service plan.

Is there another way to get a printhead without buying a $1300 new one? I wouldn't mind trying to save some money and getting a refurbished one.


Dennis Graves
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Contact Brother as they are the one who can refurbish your print head. 1-877-427-6843
I don't think Brother will refurbish it for me because I don't have a service contract with them.

Dennis G
Worst they can say is no. I don't have a service contract with them and I'd still call them first for a head replacement than any of the distributors I already work with.
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